Ceremonies & Gatherings

Ceremony is sacred & powerful.
There is intention, energy, and commitment weaved into each.
There is connection, awareness, and devotion shared throughout each.

Ritual and ceremony is a beautiful way to celebrate, express wonder, seek guidance, offer gratitude, find solitude, mourn and to gather community.

Below are some ceremonies we offer, if you have something else you are wanting to honour or experience we would love to hear from you.

Mother Blessing

A woman’s closest friends gather to come together and honour her pregnancy and journey into motherhood.

A woman who is given lots of love has more love to give in return… her circle of loving women get to show their love, devotion and commitment for her and get that delicious oxytocin – the hormone of love and bonding – flowing!

Your gathered group will be guided through it, you all need only to show up and be present with an open heart.

This ceremony is suitable for all women, whether it be their first baby they are welcoming or beyond.


Baby Blessing

To celebrate, honour and bless our precious babies we offer Baby Blessing ceremonies. During this special time you and your baby have the opportunity to feel the support of your loved ones and allow space for acknowledging the important role your circle of women will play in your child’s life. 

Each ceremony is personalised to your own values and visions, together we create an individual and magical experience for you and your baby.

This is also a beautiful opportunity for a mother to re-centre herself emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally after journeying through birth – which is an experience of greatest expansion women navigate.


Occassion Blessing

Life is full of momentous occasions – happy, challenging, sad and joyous. We offer ceremony and circle to honour all.

Coming together with your circle of women is beautiful way to celebrate, ponder, seek guidance, offer gratitude, find solitude, mourn, remember or simple to gather community when you need.

Our fee varies depending on the size and complexity of the ceremony – ​typically ranging from $400 to $600. Most commonly this cost is shared amongst the group.
Sliding scale and pay-what-you-can options can be discussed during our initial conversations.

1:1 Guidance for leading your own Blessing, Circle or Gathering

You may be looking to gift your friend a Mother Blessing lead by yourself, a birthday circle for friend or maybe a moon circle for your friendship circle.

We offer you a 1:1 session to help guide you to plan and feel confident to do this.

Investment: $85 for 60mins

Please connect with us to discuss your ceremony or occasion.