Ceremonial Cacao

Honour the intelligence from the guide within you heart

We invite you to bring ceremony to your day by cleansing the tools and space with palo santo or sage ahead of concocting your Cacao. Bless your Cacao with intention before drinking and enjoy the spaciousness.


Our Cacao

A gift from mama earth sourced from the rainforest of Guatemala, where a collective of 15 women have reestablished an old regional tradition of cultivating cacao in a beautiful way that provides their community with abundance and stability.

Cacao is rich in antioxidants, iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper, calcium, phosphorus, beta carotene, and amino acids. The unique compounds in Cacao allows for simultaneous relaxation and heightened awareness, as well as increased creativity. With mood elevating compounds, anandamide and tryptophan allow you to access deeper states of euphoria and relaxation.

By stimulating the heart centre, cacao further aids in creating a sense of openness for expansion and love.


How we like our Cacao…

“I love my Cacao made on half water, half coconut water + some coconut oil to smooooothen it out nice and silky. Optional extras I vibe include a big squeeze of honey + a pinch of cinnamon and Himalayan salt to round it all. I really tap into my intuition as I create it for the day – some times I am more heavy handed on the Cacao, others I skip the honey. I am more traditional and like it best made on stove top & I focus on connecting with my breath while I am hands-on creating it…”


“I am a woman of repeated ritual with little variation! I love my Cacao made on organic coconut milk with coconut oil & honey using my thermomix. I always start by cleansing the thermomix bowl, lid & my cup (yep, I use the same cup every day) with palo santo. What does vary is which crystal I place on the thermomix lid or beside it and how sometimes I will hum a song that comes into my mind, fully sing it out aloud (very loud) or even putting the song through the speaker to move the bod around the kitchen too…”